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November 14, 2016
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I remember watching the 1989 Tour de France with my Mom and falling in love with cycling. Ever since that day I have dreamed of bikes and riding. Growing up in rural Virginia I dreamed of riding my bike professionally or working with professional teams, or perhaps even one day owning my own bike shop.

Charlottesville has always had a strong cycling community and I rode on the wonderful Monticello Velo Club as a junior. This was the club that was supported by Blue Wheel bikes and I loved going to the small shop on Elliewood Ave. I was that annoying little kid that would hang out in the small shop for hours annoying Roger Friend and Scott Paisley. I loved being in the shop and just hearing them talk about bikes, rides, riders, and I loved looking at all the bike gear. I poured over every magazine I could find and read them again and again for days on end. My notebooks in school were filled with doodles of bikes and “training plans”.

I have always loved bikes, riding and learning about bikes. This is why I opened Endeavor Cycles. It is my passion for bikes and my passion to get more people on bikes. I want them to love riding as much as I do. I want to be part of the cycling community in Charlottesville and be part of growing the community. I look forward to the journey that this will be. I look forward to this Endeavor.

– Jamie

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