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December 21, 2016
February 2, 2017
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We’re a bike shop and we talk a good deal about bikes.  We also talk a good deal about a lot of other things.  This is the blog for those other things.  

Each week, we’ll take turns writing a new installation of ‘The Non-Bike Related Blog’.  


I’m frustrated.  

I am almost 32 years old and hold two advanced degrees from UVA.  I have many talents and even consider myself pretty well read.  I’ve lived in some interesting places and done many interesting things, excluding traveling to South East Asia, which is something my wife constantly threatens to do.  I just nod and smile.

Despite all this, my friend and co-worker, and head of our service center, continues to humiliate me in chess.  Who would have thought an early 20 something guy with one measly degree from UVA would look like a veritable Bobby Fischer in comparison to his more experienced and worldly counterpart.  

It was a sick joke from the start.  Several weeks ago, John strolled in with a chess set and pitched it as some kind of ‘good idea’ to keep us occupied if there was no one in the store.  He threw in some silly idea about ‘keeping our minds sharp’ or some other college boy notion.  To me, it was just going to be another way to demonstrate my unmatched wit with the ultimate game of strategy and complex thought.  Little did I know it would be quite the opposite.

After losing the first time, I positioned myself to be the chess shark type; letting my opponent win several matches to falsely boost his confidence and then be crushed by his far more intelligent adversary.  This strategy quickly fell apart and, by the end of the day, it was a cool 5-0, John.  The second day was no better.  The third day I actually won a game.  A single game.  It didn’t get any better from there.

At this point, the approximate score is John-30, Paul-1.  It’s ok though, I expect to start winning shortly.  Maybe.


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