We sell and service new bicycles, components, wheels, accessories and apparel from companies we believe in. We stock a range of products for everyone; from professional racing gear to practical gear for daily commuters. Whether you need a bike for your commute or are interested in a custom dream bike, we are the shop for you.




• Jerseys


• Shorts


• Full Kits


• Helmets


• Shoes


• Hats


• Socks


• Cold Weather Gear



• Wheels

• Tires

• Chains

• Lights

• Seats

• Pumps

• Tools

& More!


Pain is not a normal part of cycling, at least it shouldn’t be! While there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the hampered performance that comes with it, methodical analysis and the insights of experienced professionals can go a long way to improving your experience on the bike.

Our team are certified and experienced bicycle fitters. This is the foundation of our business and we are passionate about making riders as efficient and comfortable as possible on their bike. Whatever type of rider you are, a proper bike fit with a customer-focused shop is the best place to start.


Fit Process

• Interview

• Off-Bike Assessent

• On-Bike Assessment

• Anatomical Analysis

• Individualized Focus


List of Certifications and Accomplishments.

• Trek Precision Fit Specialist Level 2

• Wobble Naught Fit Specialist

• Specialized Certified Master BG Fit Specialist

• Retul Motion Capture Experienced

• MT Kinesiology Department, Curry School of Education University of Virginia


We offer one-on-one-consultation services. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced rider that has some questions and you want expert advice (w/o sales pressure) we can help. We can offer advice on bikes, new technology and also explain some of the confusing industry lingo into plain English. We are extremely good at what we do and will treat you with respect the moment you enter the shop.